Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Television: Stuff I Can Tolerate

This weekend is a holiday. Initially, I thought about doing a special vacation flick edition of Weekend Movies, but I cannot stand them. Seriously, they are the opposite of enjoyable. Since the boys will be home for the long weekend, I already know they will be in control of all entertainment. Luckily, there are a few programs that the kids enjoy, that won't make my brain melt. One might even say, I freaking love this stuff! With that being said, I present to you a list of programming I can tolerate.

Adventure Time! (Cartoon Network)

Since it's premiere in 2010, I have been a loyal fan (yes, fan) of this series. Adventure Time follows the well, adventures, of lead characters Finn the human and Jake the dog. These fun loving brothers (Finn is adopted of course) are called upon in times of need by Princess Bubblegum, leader of the magical land of Ooo and it's candy kingdom. Sounds dramatic doesn't it? When not kicking butt, and making up signature catch phrases( FLIP, WHAT THE ZIP?)  the dynamic duo spend there free time with the other eclectic citizens of Ooo. Marceline, the bass playing vampire queen, and the evil ( and uber creepy) Ice King round out the cast and create memorable episodes and lasting laughs.

Believe me when I say it is extremely difficult to explain in a small paragraph the magnitude of awesome that is this cartoon. Watch this clip, 'nuff said.

A.N.T. FARM ( Disney Channel)
Ok, I have to be honest. When kid # 1 started watching this show, I rolled my eyes so hard my head hurt for a week. "Oy, Disney kids." I said. I was bracing myself for loads of over-acting and questions about why these kids never seem to grow. Well, you can save your Miley Cyrus jokes, this show has an awesome team of writers. Yea, you heard me. Disney invested some of their glazillions of   blood money on a real writing team. A.N.T FARM skips the corny, teeny bopper formula and pays homage to classic ensemble sitcom humor reminiscent of Cheers or Frasier, while still remembering your kids are watching. Yes, I just said that.

[The New] Looney Tunes ( Cartoon Network)
Cartoon Network does it again. This time with a re-imagining of a classic cartoon. Looney Tunes are back, with a vengeance. Bugs and Daffy are 20 something bachelors. I know right? Daffy Duck is the cartoon version of  your slacker college roommate, Porky Pig is far too naive for his own good and Speedy Gonzales owns a pizzeria. If that doesn't spark your interest, I've got two words that would sell anyone on the next generation of these classic characters: KRISTEN WIIG. Yea, dude. The SNL alum lends her voice to Babs Bunny, Bug's self-proclaimed girlfriend. She is delightfully ditsy,charmingly creepy and steals every single scene she is in. She's like "Intro to Stalking" for the kiddies.

Gravity Falls ( Disney Channel)
Gravity Falls is Disney's creepy new series that follows the lives of Dipper and his embroidered sweater wearing twin sister Mabel who are shipped off to their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan's tourist attraction the"Mystery Shack" for the summer. When they discover the sleepy town is not what it appears to be, the twins set off to unlock Gravity Falls spooky secrets. If you don't want to watch that... I cant help you. You are officially dead inside.

Kid History (BoredShortstv-Youtube)

I just recently, happened upon one of these GENIUS videos. Created by the Roberts brothers, these viral vids could easily be the most hysterical gift the internet has ever given me. Here's the gist: The brothers' childhood stories are retold by kids, and then well, this happens...

and this....

My kids and I cannot get enough of these videos. It's become something fun we can all enjoy to together. I laugh until tears come to my eyes! These guys did it! They made me cool to my kids, at least that is what I tell myself.

Go on! Try it out, watch something (you'll enjoy too) as a family this weekend. If not for the bonding experience, then because you have no other choice. Its a three day weekend.

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